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Transportation Improvements

The City has completed a TOD Multi-Modal Roadway Improvement Plan for downtown with the goal to improve roadways, sidewalks and restore two-way traffic in downtown Meriden. The project will address deficiencies of poorly designed and outdated transportation projects; increase access to the new commuter rail station; and increase connectivity to employment, education, housing and economic development projects in the pipeline.

The project will help ensure that pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicles, transit buses and the disabled are afforded safe and efficient access to the new Meriden Transit Center (MTC), commuter parking, and expanded commuter rail service beginning in 2018.  

The City held a community meeting on November 29, 2016 to update the public on the status of the downtown roadway improvements. Copies of the presentations may be downloaded here:

Pratt Street Gateway Project-November 29, 2016

Downtown Traffic Projects-November 29, 2016

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Presentation on Roadway Improvement Plan (2014)