Meriden 2020, Bringing It Together

Meriden Transit Center

Meriden is a key station stop along the Hartford Line, a commuter rail line serving the New Haven to Hartford/Springfield rail corridor. AMTRAK service is also available.   

The Meriden Transit Center, opened in 2018, serves as a multi-modal transit center for bus, taxi and private van service.  With the advent of commuter rail service, Meriden residents have access to140,000 jobs within a 40 minute commute time. For information on parking, schedules and fees, visit  

A Transit Oriented Development zoning district incorporating form based regulations was formally adopted in 2013 for the area within one-half mile of the new transit center. The regulations were designed to encourage moderate and high density mixed use development within walking distant of the transit area, create a friendly and safe environment for bicyclists and pedestrians, and protect existing neighborhoods integrating new development in a context sensitive manner.

Inside the Meriden Transit Center looking east September 2017
Inside the Meriden Transit Center looking west September 2017