Meriden 2020, Bringing It Together

City submits TIGER grant application for downtown roadway improvements

The City of Meriden, CT submitted a 2015 TIGER Grant application to the US Department of Transportation.  The City is seeking $10 million to implement its Multi-Modal Roadway Improvement Plan in the TOD District. The project includes construction of surface transportation infrastructure (roadway, pedestrian, and bicycle) in downtown Meriden. The project is a culmination of over a decade of planning and a community consensus around the need to improve roadways, sidewalks and restore two-way traffic in downtown Meriden. 

"This is a great project", said City Manager Lawrence J. Kendzior.  "It brings together so many pieces together at the right time.  We truly hope that the Department of Transportation will give our application serious consideration."  

Improving the roadways in the TOD District will help complete the transformation of downtown Meriden and help create a pedestrian friendly, vibrant downtown for years to come.   For more information on the application and key components of the project, a copy of the application can be downloaded here.  

2015 City of Meriden TIGER Grant application