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City making progress on Mills demo in 2017

The City and the Meriden Housing Authority (MHA) are continuing to advance the cleanup and redevelopment around the Mills public housing project, with a goal to demolish the Mills by the end of 2017.  

Towards this end the City has hired AECOM and Connecticut Tank Removal to conduct site remediation at 177 State Street.  $597,000 in funding for the site remediation has been provided by the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).  Soil cleanup at 177 State Street is expected to be completed by the first week of February, 2017.  After site cleanup is completed, the developer Pennrose Properties, working with the Meriden Housing Authority, will commence construction of a 75-unit mixed use development at 161-177 State Street. Construction will be completed in 2018.  

The City is simultaneously working to develop plans for demolition of the Mills public housing complex in 2017.  The City has hired environmental consultant AECOM to conduct final testing of the building materials and to complete technical bid specifications for the Mills demolition.  The City expects issue a request for demolition bids in mid 2017 and to complete demolition of all of the Mills buildings by late 2017.  Building demolition is contingent upon HUD approval, which is required prior to resident relocation and demolition.   All funds are in place for the demolition project, including a $2,000,000 grant for demolition which has been provided by the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).  Following demolition of the Mills structures, the site will remain as open spaces and integrated into the City of Meriden Harbor Brook Flood Control Plan and Linear Trail Master Plan project.  

For more information, contact the City of Meriden Department of Economic Development at 203 630 4152.    Additional information can be downloaded here: 2017 Mills demo update

Soil remediation at 177 State Street, January 2017