Meriden 2020, Bringing It Together

Downtown Development Projects Ramp Up in Meriden-Summer 2016

The City and its development partners are making significant progress on advancing private Transit Oriented Development on several City-owned sites in downtown Meriden.  These development plans include over 500 new housing units, 100,000 square feet of non-residential space and a $125 million private investment within the next five years. Ongoing projects include:  

  • Hub park and mixed use development (1-77 State Street)Located at 1-77 State Street and 50 East Main Street, the Hub is a 14.4-acre City-owned brownfield and redevelopment site.  The City is in the process of transforming the site into a City park that serves the purposes of providing public green space, flood storage and economic development.  The site historically served as a center of industrial and commercial activity in Meriden’s downtown, and the City’s goal is to make this a premier economic development and community gathering spot once again.  Construction of the Meriden HUB Park and Flood Control Project commenced in January 2014 and will be completed in mid 2016.   The $14 million project includes several key features including a public park with gathering places and links to the regional greenway system, pedestrian links to the new transit center, an amphitheater and great lawn area for public events, and a daylighted Harbor Brook. After responding to a RFQ/RFP for the development of city-owned properties in the TOD district, Pennrose Properties LLC was selected to redevelop three acres within the HUB site. Their vision includes the a three phase, 225,000 square foot mixed use development at State and Mill Streets and along Pratt Street.  A master development agreement for the project will be voted on by City Council in June 2016.  
  • POKO Partners LLC was selected to develop 10 acres and rehabilitate a 70,000 sf former mill building at 116 Cook Avenue.  Their vision includes the adaptive reuse of 116 Cook Ave. into housing and redevelopment at the former Factory H site (104 Butler St. and 77 Cooper Street).   The City is undertaking site remediation prior to property transfer in 2016 or 2017.  
  •  The Michaels Organization was selected to redevelop 11 Crown Street following the demolition of the 33,000 sf former newspaper headquarters.  The State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development has awarded the City of Meriden $1,725,000 to demolish site's existing 33,000 sf office building.  The proposed future development of the site includes a $27 million privately developed mixed use, mixed income housing development containing up to 81 housing units that overlooks the new park at the HUB site and will allow residents to walk to the new train station.    The City executed a Master Development Agreement with the Michaels Organization in March 2016 with a target date for development groundbreaking in October 2017.  
  • Pennrose Properties/Meriden Housing Authority "Choice Neighborhood"  plan to develop a $24 million, 75-unit mixed use development that includes 7500 square feet of non-residential space at 161 & 177 State Street. Meriden will receive $7.1 million in federal 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits for the 161-177 State Street mixed use development project, which is phase one of a multi-phase project that includes demolition of the Mills public housing project and implementation of the Harbor Brook Flood Control project north of the Hub site.   The proposed project will have 75-units of mixed-income family housing, with ground level retail space and a preschool.  The new building will be within walking distance of Meriden`s new Transit Center.  Project partners include Pennrose Properties, the Meriden Housing Authority and the City of Meriden.  The State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development has awarded the City of Meriden a $2 million grant for the demolition and remediation of the Mills Public Housing Complex.  Following demo/disposition approval by HUD, the City of Meriden will demolish the structures at 144 Mills Memorial as a prerequisite to implementing the Harbor Brook Flood Control Plan at the site.  While the 144 Mills Memorial site will be used for flood control purposes and will not be used for development, the construction of the flood control plan at the site will allow for development to proceed at the adjacent sites, which include the Meriden Hub Site (located at 1-77 State Street) and at the Mills Megablock site (located at 161-177 State Street and 62 Cedar Street). 
  • Meriden Transit Center-a $20 million transit center that is part of the $467 million New Haven Hartford Springfield rail program. Construction of the transit center is ongoing with commuter rail service scheduled to begin in 2018.  
  • Westmount Development Group/Meriden Housting Authority mixed use development at 24 Colony Street.   The project, under construction, consists of a four story structure fronting on Colony and Church Streets with 11,000 square feet of first floor commercial space and 63 units of mixed income rental housing wrapped around a 273-space parking garage for use by residents, commuters and businesses in the downtown. The housing units developed as a part of this project will offer significant housing value in a small city setting with a convenient commute to major employers and educational institutions. The buildings will be located directly across from the Colony Street entrance to the rail station area that will be constructed by the State as part of the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield intercity rail service. The project is a key piece of the redevelopment of downtown Meriden and the Transit Oriented District.  Construction will be completed in December 2016.  

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