Meriden 2020, Bringing It Together

HUB site construction makes steady progress

The HUB project continues to make steady progress in May, 2015 with continued work on the stream channel, bridge abutments, and footbridges.  The HUB flood control and park project is part of a major effort to transform the Meriden Transit Center, HUB brownfield site, and the half mile area around it into a pedestrian friendly, urban, residential neighborhood intermingled with new commercial buildings and public open space located within walking distance to improved rail and bus service.    

Key activities currently taking place at the HUB site include air monitoring and dust control, installation of pedestrian bridge and footbridges, installation of reinforcing steel and concrete at the Mill Street culvert, and demolition of the west cell of the existing Harbor Brook culvert. Work over the coming weeks will include placement of channel bottom material, screening previously excavated controlled material, installing formwork and reinforcing steel and concrete Mill Street culvert.  The project is progressing on schedule with work to be substantially completed in 2015. 

Plans are also progressing to develop approximately 3 acres of the HUB site to include residential and retail uses.    Development proposals for 116 Cook Ave., the former Factory H, the HUB site, and 11 Crown Street (Record Journal building) will be discussed at the June 1 and June 15 City Council meetings.