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Meriden CT seeks $5.2 million TIGER grant for downtown roadway improvements

Meriden, Connecticut is seeking a $5.2 million TIGER grant to implement its Multi-Modal Roadway Improvement Plan in the downtown Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District.  The project includes construction of roadway, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements that are critical to providing connectivity to employment, education, and housing for residents of an economically distressed area where significant economic development projects are planned or underway.  Federal funds will be matched with $2.8 million in non-federal funds.  The project is a culmination of over a decade of planning and a community consensus around the need to improve roadways, sidewalks and restore two-way traffic in downtown Meriden.  The project is an outgrowth of a HUD Sustainable Challenge grant and a HUD Choice Neighborhoods Planning grant.  The project will address past deficiencies of outdated transportation projects, increase access to the new commuter rail station, and create “Ladders of Opportunity”.  The project is a part of a regional commuter rail project that will have a significant impact on New Haven/Hartford area as well as the State of Connecticut and the northeastern United States.   

For more information, contact the City of Meriden Office of Economic Development.  A copy of the application for public review can be downloaded here: