Meriden 2020, Bringing It Together

Meriden Economic Development projects receive Bond Commission Approval

The Connecticut State Bond Commission approved $9.49 million in economic development-related projects in Meriden, including $3.49 million for Harbor Brook Flood Control projects and $6 million for the Michaels Organization development at 11 Crown Street/2 South Colony Street.  

The flood control funding will be used for channel and bridge improvements along Harbor Brook that will allow development to proceed at 116 Cook Ave. without risk of future flooding.  The flood control projects will also remove dozens of private homes from the 100- year floodplain and provide related construction jobs in Meriden. 

The Michaels Organization received $6 million towards its housing development at 11 Crown Street, which includes the construction of 81 housing units in downtown Meriden.  Construction is expected to commence in 2018.  

Thank you to Governor Malloy and our state legislators for supporting Meriden's economic development program!