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Meriden Submits FY 2017 Choice Neighborhoods application

The City of Meriden in cooperation with the Meriden Housing Authority, Pennrose Properties, the United Way of Meriden-Wallingford, Meriden Children First, the Meriden Public Schools and over a dozen stakeholder organizations have submitted an $18 million application to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Choice Neighborhoods program. 

Meriden's Choice Neighborhood includes six census tracts centered around the City’s historic downtown containing the Mills public housing complex.  The Choice Neighborhood plan will fund housing, people and neighborhood projects identified as key to continuing the transformation of downtown Meriden from an area of aging housing and concentrations of poverty, to a safe, pedestrian friendly neighborhood of choice connected to educational and employment opportunities and re-connected back to the community as a whole.

The Meriden Housing Authority (Lead Applicant-MHA) and the City of Meriden (Co-Applicant) are requesting $18 million of FY 2017 HUD Choice Neighborhoods funds. This grant will be matched by $57.6 million in Housing leverage, $9.28 million in People leverage (including $3 million in new supportive services), and $38.2 million in Neighborhood leverage. HUD funds and leveraged funds will be used to construct 293 new housing units, implement five critical community improvement (CCI) projects, provide health, education and employment related supportive services for over 3300 CN residents and 385 Mills residents, and provide improved education programs for over 2600 preschool and school aged children living in Meriden's Choice Neighborhood.  If awarded, projects will be implemented by the City of Meriden, the Meriden Housing Authority, and the United Way of Meriden Wallingford over the next five years.  

Key Sections of the FY 2017 Choice Neighborhoods Plan can be downloaded here:  

Executive Summary

People Strategy

Neighborhood Strategy

Housing Strategy