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Downtown Shuttle Service begins Feb 24, 2015.

Starting Tuesday February 24th, 2015 the City of Meriden will run a free shuttle bus from city parking lots to West Main Street and Colony Street.  The bus will run a loop approximately every 12 minutes and will stop at seven locations in the downtown area, including Middlesex Community College and the YMCA.    

Shuttle Bus Info   |   Shuttle Bus Map

The shuttle bus will run from 7:30am to 1pm, primarily when most people have difficulty finding parking nearby.  The shuttle bus will start at the YMCA and will pick up passengers along West Main & Colony Street, the Hanover Street (free) parking lot, the MHA (free) parking lot at State Street and Mill Street and Middlesex Community College.  Other locations will be identified by FREE DOWNTOWN SHUTTLE signs.  The shuttle bus will be GPS-enabled, allowing users to identify where it is along the route from their computer or smart phone.

The website to track the shuttle bus location is  Ridesystems has a mobile app for both the Android and iPhone.  

We encourage all residents, visitors and students coming to downtown Meriden to take advantage of this free shuttle bus and free parking areas.  We will run the shuttle bus through May 22, 2015 on a trial basis.    The City will be collecting ridership data throughout the trial period. We are also is interested in receiving your feedback.  Please contact the City Office of Economic Development at 203 630 4151 or via email to to have your voice heard!  

Thank you for learning about what is happening downtown!