Meriden 2020, Bringing It Together

What is Transit Oriented Development?

The City of Meriden’s Transit Oriented Development program seeks to transform the Meriden Transit Center (MTC) and the half-mile area around it into a vibrant neighborhood that includes new residential and commercial development, public spaces and improved access to public transportation.  Several key components of this program are already underway.

  • Meriden has been identified as a station scheduled for improvements on the New Haven/Hartford/Springfield commuter/high speed rail line.  Plans include construction of a new intermodal transportation center and parking garage to replace the existing MTC.
  • City efforts are underway to redevelop the HUB brownfields site into a public park and flood control area while accommodating a development footprint of over 150,000 square feet on the 14-acre site.
  • The City controls several other redevelopment sites, including 116 Cook Ave and Factory H, which are also located in the TOD area. Both sites could accommodate new housing and commercial development.
  • Local, state and federal funds have been secured for planning, analysis, and engineering activities within in the TOD area.
  • The development of mixed use commercial and residential areas, pedestrian friendly routes and amenities will be easily integrated into Meriden’s downtown, which comprises a dense, mixed use, pedestrian friendly area filled with historic buildings and public spaces.
  • Transit Oriented Development is supported by the community, will help promote affordable, sustainable housing development and regional economic growth, and is consistent with the City’s Plan of Conservation and Development.

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